Survival Redemption

2010-07-20 11:56:29 by sorean

Finally started working hard. Still working on episode 1 and all... But I'm going to need people to do voices for me. Lol

Sorean's Nightmare.

2010-05-01 16:50:38 by sorean

Sorean felt exhausted, and decided to go to bed early. He was laying on his bed, stairing at the ceiling, but couldn't fall asleep. There was a crack like noise coming from the other side of the room, and I paused. Then, I could hear awkward breathing. I leaned upon my bed, stairing at the area where the sounds at. I saw glowing red eyes, more like glowing pupils, and some light reflecting off of his sharp teeth. He roared and jumped towards me, and everything went black. Apparantly, I have passed out. Everything.. Was so dark. I could hear crunching, liquid like squirting sounds, with groaning and crying. I ran to see where it was, and I could see my mother being eaten slowly in the stomach area, with her arms and legs shreded up and ligaments were hanging. I was in shock, and paraliyzed with fear. I blinked, and she was gone, along with the deformed creature. I heard my dad call my name."Sorean.."
I turned around quickly and saw my dad holding his stomach, and he was coughing up blood. My father said,"Sorean.. Please.. Please help me.. I can't take this any longer!"I replied, "D-Dad... Whats going on? What happend to you.. What happened to mom back there?!" My father spoke again,"Sorean.. I can't take this.. Please.. Help me!!".I was frozen, stairing helplessly at my dying father. A hand forced its way out of my dads stomach, and then another hand, but it was more like a huge claw. I then saw the eyes and teeth. They were the same ones I saw in my room before I appeared in this nightmare.. I heard sounds of crys behind me, and I turned my head slowly, and saw all of my friends, bleeding.. And cut up everywhere! It was remarkable that some of them were still walking! I said,"I... I don't know what to do.." I dropped to my knees. Everyone circled around me and laughed manically. I looked up with my eyes closed, and screamed with tears pooring down my face as the loved ones I once knew, grabbed me and dug there nails into my arms. I violantly woke up screaming, and breathing heavely from the nightmare I came across. I took a sigh in relief, knowing nothing physically happened, and I layed back down stairing at the ceiling, and I rolled over. I was stuck in fright stairing at the cuts on my arms. It wasn't just a dream. It was something else.. Perhaps a warning? -This is the dream, Sorean has at the very beginning of the series.-

About F**king time..

2010-04-30 22:54:29 by sorean

Looks like I may be working on my flash series, Survival Redemption next weekend!! I just got a new moniter, and hopefully I'm getting Anime Studio Pro 6 this Wednesday. If there are any questions, hit me up!

About F**king time..

Animation movie

2010-04-11 02:44:37 by sorean

Probably getting my animation equipment next month.. Hopefully. After that I'll start on a movie based on my roleplay. Teens kicking zombie ass.. Oh yeah! xD

Animation movie

Merry Christmas!

2009-12-25 18:19:23 by sorean

Sadly, It looks like I'm not getting my animation stuff for another few months.
My story's name is temp. called, Survival: The beginning of the End.
It's about a young boy, that see's these ghosts.. Poltergeists that he thought tried to kill and scare him. Turns out they were signs to future events. The young 14 year old's name is Sorean. Hell has unleashed, and mutants, zombies, and demons have emerged, and reborn. Will he be able to survive threw this? Any companions? Or will all of fate die, and loose everything he ever cared about?
~Coming Soon!~
Merry Christmas everyone! <3

Merry Christmas!

Thanks giving.

2009-11-26 11:09:40 by sorean

Have a good one everyone. I know I won't. Gotta go to grand-dads to watch boring ass movies for a few hours..xD


2009-10-25 02:37:11 by sorean

Bored. Need People to talk. UNBORE ME. NOW.

Hellz ya!

2009-09-12 23:28:00 by sorean

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Haha, I think this was my first youtube vid, it was bout a year ago. Doesn't snow much in south carolina so yeah...THAT EXPLAINS BARLEY ANY SNOW

Hmph...Well I'd just like to inform those who visit my profile that I may not start making Vids till may or December. Reason being is, i'm broke and I may get this animation thing for my birthday or Christmas lol
My videos may not be the best, I can't spend time on a video for months like other people because I am very impatient and I hate how it gets in the way sometimes. But till then, I can't wait to make videos! I don't know what cheap software to buy or where to get any for making video games...xD
Well if anyone has any questions, comment or pm me x]