Sorean's Nightmare.

2010-05-01 16:50:38 by sorean

Sorean felt exhausted, and decided to go to bed early. He was laying on his bed, stairing at the ceiling, but couldn't fall asleep. There was a crack like noise coming from the other side of the room, and I paused. Then, I could hear awkward breathing. I leaned upon my bed, stairing at the area where the sounds at. I saw glowing red eyes, more like glowing pupils, and some light reflecting off of his sharp teeth. He roared and jumped towards me, and everything went black. Apparantly, I have passed out. Everything.. Was so dark. I could hear crunching, liquid like squirting sounds, with groaning and crying. I ran to see where it was, and I could see my mother being eaten slowly in the stomach area, with her arms and legs shreded up and ligaments were hanging. I was in shock, and paraliyzed with fear. I blinked, and she was gone, along with the deformed creature. I heard my dad call my name."Sorean.."
I turned around quickly and saw my dad holding his stomach, and he was coughing up blood. My father said,"Sorean.. Please.. Please help me.. I can't take this any longer!"I replied, "D-Dad... Whats going on? What happend to you.. What happened to mom back there?!" My father spoke again,"Sorean.. I can't take this.. Please.. Help me!!".I was frozen, stairing helplessly at my dying father. A hand forced its way out of my dads stomach, and then another hand, but it was more like a huge claw. I then saw the eyes and teeth. They were the same ones I saw in my room before I appeared in this nightmare.. I heard sounds of crys behind me, and I turned my head slowly, and saw all of my friends, bleeding.. And cut up everywhere! It was remarkable that some of them were still walking! I said,"I... I don't know what to do.." I dropped to my knees. Everyone circled around me and laughed manically. I looked up with my eyes closed, and screamed with tears pooring down my face as the loved ones I once knew, grabbed me and dug there nails into my arms. I violantly woke up screaming, and breathing heavely from the nightmare I came across. I took a sigh in relief, knowing nothing physically happened, and I layed back down stairing at the ceiling, and I rolled over. I was stuck in fright stairing at the cuts on my arms. It wasn't just a dream. It was something else.. Perhaps a warning? -This is the dream, Sorean has at the very beginning of the series.-


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